The Procedure And Conditions Of Entering The Russian Federation For Studies

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ATTENTION! Every international student planning to enter the Russian Federation for studies should notify the NovSU Recruiting and International Students Office about it at least 10 days prior to the entry date by e-mail


List of the countries, which residents are allowed to enter the territory of the Russian Federation for studying (as of March 29, 2021)*:

*The list is subject to change as the number of countries open for entry increases.

  • Abkhazia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Armenia
  • Republic of Belarus
  • Vietnam
  • Greece
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Kazakhstan
  • Qatar
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Cuba
  • Republic of Maldives
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Seychelles
  • Serbia
  • Singapore
  • Tanzania
  • Turkey
  • Finland
  • Switzerland
  • Ethiopia
  • South Korea
  • South Ossetia
  • Japan

The procedure and conditions of entering the Russian Federation for studies:

1.     Before arriving to Russia, international students must notify the NovSU Recruiting and International Students Office at least 10 days prior to the entry date by e-mail .

A student should wait for the response with the entry information. To ensure compliance with all requirements, it is recommended to schedule your arrival at working days (Monday-Friday).

2.     Not earlier than 3 calendar days before arrival to Russia, a student must take a PCR test for COVID-19 in the country of residence/stay. It is only possible to enter the Russian Federation if the result of the COVID-19 test is negative. A student should have a Certificate confirming the negative result either in Russian or in English made in the country of residence/stay and present it at the border of the Russian Federation to migration officer and upon arrival in Veliky Novgorod to a representative of the NovSU.

3.     Upon arrival to Veliky Novgorod, a student should contact the NovSU Recruiting and International Students Office (room 2201, the NovSU main building, B. St. Petersburgs kaya, 41; office phone number: +91 (9880) 027443 (from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) for further instructions. You can contact us any time on our Facebook Page

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