MBBS For Foreign Students1

MBBS For Foreign Students

Specialist Courses in MBBS and Medical Science for Foreign Students


Curriculums and teaching materials for MBBS (31.05.01)

6 years in English Language

7 years in Russian Language

Preparing for and passing the State exam

Department of Information Technologies and Systems

Medical Informatics.

Department of General and Experimental Physics


Department of Hospital Surgery

Anesthesiology, resuscitation, intensive care
Hospital surgery, Pediatric surgery
Children’s orthopedics
Minimally invasive technologies in surgery
General surgery, radiation diagnostics
Oncology, radiation therapy
Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
Thoracic surgery
Traumatology, orthopedics,
Faculty surgery, urology

Department of Human Morphology

Actual problems of human morphology
Human anatomy
Histology, embryology, cytology
Topographical anatomy and operative surgery

Department of Normal Physiology

Normal physiology
Modern medical equipment
Sleep physiology

Department of Public Health, Public Health and General Hygiene


History of medicine
Public health and healthcare, health economics,

Department of Nursing

Life safety
Theoretical foundations of nursing services

Department of Specialized Therapy

Medical rehabilitation
General surgery, radiation diagnostics,
Propaedeutics of internal diseases, radiation diagnostics
Faculty therapy, occupational diseases,

Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases
Microbiology, virology

Department of General Pathology

Pathologic anatomy, clinical pathologic anatomy
Pathophysiology, clinical pathophysiology
Forensic medicine

Department of Additional Professional Education and Polyclinic Therapy

Polyclinic therapy
Family medicine
Modern diagnostic methods in the outpatient practice

Department of Dentistry


Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatrics

Obstetrics and gynecology
Iodine deficiency diseases in children and adolescents
Neurology, medical genetics, neurosurgery,

Department of Fundamental and Applied Chemistry


Department of Neurology and Psychiatry

Neurology, medical genetics, neurosurgery,
Basics of Psychosomatics
Psychiatry and narcology

Department of Internal Medicine

Hospital therapy, endocrinology
Clinical Pharmacology
Clinical electrocardiography
Preparation for passing and passing the state exam
Practical courses
Preventive cardiology
Propaedeutics of internal diseases, radiation diagnostics
Ultrasound research methods in the diagnosis of internal diseases
Faculty therapy, occupational diseases,

Department of Physical Culture

Physical education and sports

Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Intercultural Communication

The foreign language section
The Latin language

Department of Philology

Russian language and culture Speech

Department of Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology


Department of Russian History and Archaeology


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